At “White & Gray” we create and curate Ceramic Products. Our curation formats are imbued with sensitivity and debate, as we try to bring the regional arts and crafts of our country to the forefront. We try to explore the possibilities of the medium of ceramic endlessly and extent it boundaries, by way of bringing in design interventions and technical innovations continuously. One of the strengths of our work is the blending of traditional skills and contemporary design sensibilities, enhancing the genius of the material and being true to it.

Our Journey: “White&Gray” born in 2019, an earthy initiative by Dot Line Space, has been created by three artistic individuals. It is on a journey of forming an aesthetic which is subtle, earth-bound, and nuanced. At ‘White&Gray’ emotions are woven by clay, each molded with love and carefully created and curated to adorn spaces. ‘Pinching’ is undoubtedly one of the most primitive methods of shaping clay into an intended form. Tradition is a sacred word for us as White & Grey.

Brand description: It is interesting and indeed necessary to fall in love with endless and fruitless experiments, and yet to feel the excitement and satisfaction of these conversations with clay. At “White&Gray” you experience the confluence of clay and fire. “Clay and Kiln” – as potters and artists we always keep our hands damp while working with the clay.

Our Brand Identity
No matter from where the clay is dug, it is the preparation makes it all perfect.’ We do believe in the fact that clay is like wine. Our practice is the transformation of raw materials for preparing specific clay bodies and glaze to create works of art. Like God in details, our brand is in our aesthetics.

The potter’s wheel has been the most important method of making clay vessels since the wheel’s first known origin in central Asia around 3000 BC. Our goal is to bring old fashion pottery back with its original aesthetics as well as bringing the regional soft skills into home décor, as contemporary as possible.

Earthy spirit:
An alternative word to pottery is ceramic which is of Greek origin and stems from the word ‘Keramos’. We at ‘White&Gray’ manufacture Earthenware, Stoneware, and Porcelain.

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